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Eye examination fees

Private feeFee with NHS contribution
Premium eye examination
Our Optometrists recommend this eye examination to all patients over the age of 19. As well as a thorough assessment of your vision and spectacle prescription, it utilises both Optical Coherence Tomography (OCT) and Optomap technology. Providing the most complete view of the inside of the eye, and a very detailed view of specific structures within the eye, such as the optic nerve and the macula. It is the most thorough assessment of your eye health and vision.

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Enhanced eye examination
Our Enhanced eye examination also enables us to accurately assess your vision and spectacle prescription. It utilises the Optomap machine, providing the most complete view of the eye, but does not include the OCT scan for greater detail.

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£49 (19-24 y/o)
Children's Enhanced eye examination
Our Children's Enhanced eye examination is a comprehensive assessment of your child's eye health and vision. It includes:

• Full visual assessment
• Optomap Scan
• Corneal Topography
• Axial Length assessment
NHS Sight Test
If you fall within any of the below categories, you may be entitled to a sight test funded by the NHS. We are pleased to also offer this service at Horrocks & Boyd
(Optomap and OCT scans at an additional fee)
  • You are under 16 years old
  • You are aged 16, 17 or 18 and are in full time education
  • You are over 60 years old
  • You have been diagnosed with Diabetes or Glaucoma
  • You are over 40 and are a direct relative (parent/child/sibling) of someone with glaucoma
  • You receive specific Government benefits

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NHS Funded

PriceFee with NHS contribution
Diabetic Retinal Screening£99
Emergency – Red eye / Flashes and Floaters£125

Contact lens professional fees

Soft contact lens trial (new wearers)£99
Soft contact lens annual aftercare
--- OR ---
Direct Debit fee – (including eye examination)
£13 - £17 (monthly Direct Debit)
Refit RGP wearer to soft lenses£190
Rigid Gas Permeable lens fitting
Keratoconic / Scleral / Specialist cosmetic
RGP aftercare£95

Dry Eye professional fees

Initial dry eye assessment£90
Dry eye follow up appointment£90
Blephex lid hygiene treatment£79
Punctal plug fitting£200
IPL treatment £225
IPL treatment (priced for four treatments)£800

Ortho-K and Night Lens fees

Initial consultation£99
Collection appointment (including insertion and removal training)
Follow-up appointment (after first night's wear)
Final follow-up appointment (after 7-10 night's wear)
£60 (fee covers all three appointments)
Additional insertion and removal training (with optical assistant)£20
First set of lenses£150
Ongoing Care (direct debit is compulsory for all Ortho-K patients)£55 per month
Included in ongoing care • All contact lens appointments
• All eye examination appointments
• All emergency appointments
• Replacement lenses every six months
• Cleaning and Storing solutions
• Eye drops

Additional services

Visual Fields with tonometry
With an Optometrist
With Optical Assistant
O.C.T with report and print-out for consultant£120
20 minute miscellaneous appointment (eyelash removal / contact lens query / phone consultation) £40
Filling out report for consultant / DVLA / work form£25