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Do you think you might be experiencing hearing loss? Take a quick, easy, free online hearing test now, in partnership with bloom hearing specialists, and get your results instantly.

Take a Free Online Hearing Test

Are you experiencing hearing loss?

Try this simple self-assessment:
Is it difficult to hear over the telephone?
Do people say that you have the TV volume up too loud?
Are you straining to follow conversations in noisy environments?
Do you ask people to repeat themselves?
Do you struggle to follow the conversation of two or more people talking at the same time?
Are you misunderstanding what is being said and responding inappropriately?

If you answered YES to any of these questions we recommend that you contact us for a hearing assessment.

Understanding hearing loss

Hearing loss may be partial, or total, and may occur in one ear, or both. There are many reasons why hearing loss may occur, but the two most common reason are simple age-related hearing loss and exposure to noise.

Whilst there is no cure for age-related hearing loss, advances in modern hearing aid technology can make a big difference in helping those with hearing loss take back control of life.

Our hearing specialists will not only provide hearing solutions once hearing loss has started, but can also supply a range of ear protection equipment to reduce the risk of further hearing loss in noisy environments.

Get the best from your hearing aids

Horrocks & Boyd has partnered with Bloom Hearing Specialists, one of the leading providers of hearing care in the U.K.
Whether you are looking for the latest smart technology, cosmetically attractive hearing aids or competitive prices and payment plans, we look forward to helping you start on the path to better hearing. If you already wear hearing aids, Horrocks & Boyd can provide a free service check to ensure your hearing aids are still working efficiently to address your hearing loss.

Why Choose Horrocks & Boyd?

Comprehensive Eye Examinations

Through longer appointment times, highly qualified optometrists and technology that allows us to examine more of the eye than a standard eye test, your most precious sense is at the heart of everything we do.

Bespoke Products

Our customers deserve the best. Sometimes, this means creating something unique. Horrocks & Boyd is proud to offer bespoke spectacle frames and personalised lenses, made to order and tailored for the specific needs of each individual.

Personal Service

We understand that every person has different requirements, and we take great satisfaction from providing our customers with tailored solutions. Horrocks & Boyd is proud to be an independent practice, offering truly impartial advice.


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I was so impressed with your practice. I had an ocular emergency, and not only did you give me the correct advice, but you phoned a week later to see how I was getting on.

Bill Price

I’ve been a patient since moving to Kingston, it is always a pleasure to come to your opticians, the staff are always so pleasant and helpful.

William Moore

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